In this section you will find answers for any your question related to origin or running of any bug

Detailed descriptions and executing bugs IN STALKER

Text color:  Blue - Secrets, tips or information (not described here) 
                Green - Useful bugs, give any advantages
Pink - Bugs which allows to get the edge of maps
Yellow - Funny bugs (useless) 

#1. Yes-yes. Saharov's yes-yes working because somebody standing near he but not starting dialog 
Texture bug in bunker. Player partially climbs out texture, so its partially or fully disappears from our view
Stuck in furniture. In cramped areas furniture box not allow to come out from it 
Corpse stuck. Object which flying too fast can partially pierce texture. In so doing, texture tries its best to push object out, but if object infiltrated too deeply, so in vain.
Anomalous boar. There is strange engagement with animate and inanimate objects. If animate object moves according to programmed trajectory then other inanimate objects can not prevent it.
#6. Blown the wall by knife. Developers attributed huge damage to knife and to wall - ability to be damaged by knife. 
#7. Save of death. Perhaps Save files with death name used in cases of saving dead with inability to load it. But later system has been changed.
#8. Sidorovich's head. Developers did not see player's ability to come to Sidorovich behind or from side, so it's cause of fact that Sidorovich's head always looks at player to add reality.
#9. Sidorovich haunt me. Running of this sound not stops after load quicksave
#10. Shutter on left side. Perhaps it made for adding differences from origin weapons and going away from copyright.
#11. Missile flashed. RPG is the only weapon which has different models of charged and uncharged versions. Wrong order of model switching after discharging is cause of missile flashing moment.
#12. PRG wear. Shooting physics of this gun is unique. There are no bullets or grenade. But after shot rocket is born and flies straight. So, therefore, they forgot to add wear's influence to shot.
#13. Bandit dead set. There is programmed route here, but the wall is on this route. So he was a hoot.
#14. What radiation on the fuel. Developers forgot to add radioactivity in most radioactive zone.
#15. Arena, viewer joined to help. Models of viewers on arena are not live NPC in fact, but its looks like people. Developers attributed very small weight for these models so it flying away from any bullet like wooden canes. In this section, there is the one "viewer" which can fall down to arena.

##16-27. Secrets

Things fall down. Units spawning occur at time of breaking box in very low point of it. The objects born appearing too deep in texture and fall down through it.
Armor-bug. Developers just forgot about these suits and didn't attribute it any defense features and even visual model in inventory.
Running duty. Escaped from prison duty don't have any gun. Therefore, when meeting enemy he will run like crazy. Same thing with survived Duty near pit if you prevents bandit's talking
Volatile sniper. Sniper was made as object of Duty's quest in camp. While approaching from camp side he becomes enemy even if freedom is neutral. If you appear on freedom's zone then game will think that player went by usual route and will make sniper to neutral.
Shooting from wagon. Works similar to #5.
Artefacts sounds. Seems like developers attributed first sound of other objects.
Pig stuck. Gates and all doors which can be opened are always open for program
Dog in bunker. Based on #34. There is small moment while going into bunker when all doors are half-open. If the dog jump there at this moment then it will stay in bunker and further like in #34.
Mismatch. There are different men developed story documents and programed locations. It appears that they had not good connection.
Don't kick me! Engagement of two live objects. There is certain position programed for NPC but other NPC can kick it. If he has position near first NPC (it can happen sometimes) so both would conflict with each other.

##38-50. Tips and information

Door kick. Assigned mass of player is 80 kg. If it while sprinting hit any movable object with lower mass, then it can be moved or broken.
Self-burning. Based on #5. Random generation of position near fire occur after loading quicksave. If the NPC appeared against his position through fire then he as in bug #5 will go to the fire and will be burned.
Kill Semenov in bunker. If you kill Semenov or Kruglov in any case game prefer to think that you poorly but completed quest with measuring. After that Saharov gives quest to X16.
Jump from armor. Armor as physical object has own size, so if you jump on it you can jump next some higher.
Jump from grenade. There is impulse given to model of any object after grenade explosion. If player jumped at this time then height of jump can be seriously increased.
Into freedom's stores through guard. Based on #54. Any NPC has a zone which not allow you to cross it. It was made because you should not have ability to move NPC. If you jumps some higher than usually you can get the top of this zone and by the low sitting fit through the NPC. Video-analysis here
Pick up through the door. Similar to #34
Door break by barrel. Based on #4. Dropped gun or any other object appears inside model of player. In so doing, game gives huge impulse to object which is inside other object or texture to moving it away. SVD or similar has good length so if you drop it then it can break even massive door by impulse.
To kill without reputation loss. Working with small probability if you kills anybody from one shot and repeatedly loads moment before shot. Easily working if you kills out other eyes and loads at time of shooting. 
Into stores by bug-kill. Similar to #59

##61-75. Secrets

Killer-door. Based on #4#58. In case of poorly try, player can give too big impulse from gun to door. Then it can kill or seriously hurt player.
Corpse in the air. Cause of this bug is not clear. Perhaps monster's death or other NPC occurred at time of crossing with player's model. 
Mine actuating not once. Mine actuating trigger works from proximity of object and there is no dependence from mine explosion.
Grope fests. Enemies who search player in case of losing player, comes to position where one of their group saw player last time. So, eventually, whole this group comes to this point and begin to crowd, in so doing, look at floor or sky.
Professionals shooting by side. Showing of NPC model works regardless of real aim point of this NPC. Sometimes bug working when showing of aim line moving to 90 degrees.
Guard at bar goes away. Similar to #56.
Artefacts take off. Anomaly of type "Carousel" can give constant speed of up moving to any inanimate object.
#83. Controller broken my mind. At the time of Controller's blow developers made a reset of horizontal view in order for view of player always directs to controller. But they forgot a vertical one.
Super-snork. Based on #5. After enemy's losing player on this map, game makes a route to player. Makes in spite of height and impediments.
Super-monolith. Based on #5Similar to #84

#86. Tip:
How to walk on earth without damage. Every blow on earth gives more damage and radiation, which make impossibly long presence on earth. But after every jump this effect dropping to start, so objective is defending only from small damage (Art Soul), small radiation (Arts crystal, Sea urchin or Fire ball) and not to get tired by jumps (Arts Moonlight or Flash).
#87. Tip: 
Falling from big height. Game takes into account injuriousness of textures, which you touch while jumping. Earth, grass is most safe. Iron, concrete is dangerous. And most dangerous is bushes and trees.

Jump through the moat. Usually map is surrounded by high invisible walls in order for you should not be able to across small fences. But this place have not it, so we can easily jump through the fence.
Jump through the gates. Bar. Similar to #88
Go away by pipes. Wild Territory. Similar to #88
Go through the textures. Yantar. Usually developers cuts ability to climb to slope on edges of maps, but they forgot it here
Catacombs from other side. Based on #91. While locating in texture, you can easily to come out from it in useful place.
Out the textures by stone near dog's lair. Stores. Developers made high invisible walls around this map. But didn't it on big stones thinking that player not able to climb it. Some of them allow to make this.
Out the textures by stone near barrier. Stores. Similar to #93
Through textures on gates. Radar. Similar to #88
Through textures by grenade. Radar. Based on #55. This texture which we climb by explosion is forbidden, therefore it is not limited by blocked slopes.
Through textures from bunch of flats. Pripyat. This location gives ability to climb on flats heap, on roof of annex and to deceive invisible wall.
Through textures by car. CNPP-1. Similar to #88
Through textures by armor. CNPP-1. Similar to #54. Here we use armor for height boost for jumping unavailable height. 
Out the textures by explosion. CNPP-2. Based on #55. Developers made the wall in order for inablility of jump by even bug #54 to ventblock's roof. But they did not take account that this is possible from fence's outside.

##101-115. Secrets

Yellow points disappeared. Reason of this bug is not clear.
He cornered me to death. Zone which not allow to approach to NPC, can easily kick player if NPC is moving. If NPC is moving into a corner then it can even kill player.
Massive paranoia. Sometimes while fighting against Freedom after loading quicksave with neutral Freedom, freedomers searching enemy which is not exist.
Max hit the wall. All humans are normal but Max... His route program is quite strange. If you didn't blow the wall, he tries to go through it after objective on Duty's camp. Actually, breakable walls or openable doors/gates are invisible for NPC (unless making special routes for them). So they try to walk through it and you could be spotted through it.
Bolt into the mine. Similar to #78
Irrelevant dialog. In the beginning (Escape) developers made dialogs related with player's location. But later forgot it and made Escape's dialogs on Garbage and Dark Valley.
Saharov offended. NPCs sometimes can't keep up react to reset and recovery of dialog. After pressing "use" Saharov turns to player. If repeat press "use" dialog drops and Saharov can turn away. In so doing, if you quickly press it one more time, Saharov will stay turned away. 
Killed mercenary on Bar. Sometimes from stores side mercenary goes to Bar. In spite of fact that mercenary usually is enemy for player, any kill on Bar location actuate alarm and makes duty your enemy.
Go to Escape through the closed gates. These gates are closed before completing X18 quest. But map trigger is right behind the fence. If we moves along gate and hit the fence with aiming mode from AK, for example, (in so doing player's model leans forward) we touch the edge of trigger and it will work.
#125. Corpse flied away. Sometimes there are wrong parameters set to corpse in cramped areas in the moment of death. Therefore his model distorts and flies away, hitting all around.

##126-135. Tips and information

Raped by spirit of zone. On the edges of map Garbage you can find forbidden zones, which give push every second and maximum radiation. If player dead in this zone, pushes continue to affect corpse. 
Mercenary-Copperfield. Similar to #5
Sidorovich's broken record. Based on #9. If after phrase beginning load point before it (all.sav) and wait it again then phrases will overlap. You can do it many times.
Texture holes. Mistakes in texture painting on Garbage.
Magic train near Agroprom. Developers did not compare heights of wagon and tunnel 
Shotgun bug. Very rarely if you quickly drop and pick up weapon, this bug can happen. After that weapon stops to shoot and every time you dropping it stays in air.
Grenade light. Cause of mistake - set class of both grenades (from 3) as RPG. 
Sound of jump. Wrong set loudness of shots from any gun in compare with sounds of other actions of player.
Could we shift location while dead? After death by strong shot or explosion corpse flies. If you, in so doing, stand near map trigger then it will work even for corpse.
Shifted location while dead. Based on #144. If you agree with changing map while dead then game will not synch the player, therefore we will appear in any corner of map out textures and unable to do anything.

##146-160. Secrets

#161. Endless grenades. This bug related with fact that game saves data of location, speed, gun choose, amount of ammo and other not at the moment of saving but some earlier (about 1 sec). But somehow, data about shoot mode (bullets/grenades and single/auto fire) saves exactly at this moment. So if we get this time section - switch to grenades and immediately save game then after loading we will see same amount of ammo but for other shells. In this case we see 30 grenades. If try to shoot it then only one grenade will leave but will shot all of 30. The rest will be empty because game don't allow to shoot 2 and more grenades at once. But we can discharge it and sell as true grenades. Video-analysis here
#162. Valuable corpse. Developers didn't make mass limit of movable corpses and actually didn't make dependence of corpse mass from number of units in it.
#163. Search unavailable corpses. Based on #93, #94. Trigger of changing map is small zone on the road, such don't allow to pass through it by usual route. But if we go out the textures we can easily go around it.
#164. Steal gun from arena. Based on #161. This bug related with fact that if the model of player partially appears inside the wall of any container then game with small probability can accept this as impossible. While saving at this moment and loading, game can appoint same coordinates but different, more valid vertical coordinate. There are two variants - on the level of earth and on the roof. Sprint into the container by right angle, hit it and continue to press sprint. Saving happens at second earlier so press "save" about 1 second after hitting. Its better if you release "forward" at the moment of saving and quickly press it back. Video-analysis here
#165. Jumpbug. Game take strength of player depend on his state (sprint, walk or stand), fact of jump and weight of player. You cannot change state during jump and game attributes to player the state which was in beginning of jump. Let's consider that speed of sprint cannot be dropped at once. So if we releases "forward" little before pressing "jump" and press "forward" after jump, then game will think that we jump in stand state and in spite of decrease of strength by fact of jump, we rests during all jump without serious loss of speed. If the player has small weight then it's give ability to not be tired at all. Video-analysis here
#166. Gunjump. Based on #4, #58. Strong impulse of dropped gun can be used if you direct it yourself. In order for not directing past, you need to snuggle to any wall. You should in low sitting state turn aim vertically down and to left from wall about 45 degrees. From this position drop the gun. Video-analysis here
#167. Barrel into the fence. Based on #4#58. Huge impulse of dropped gun can pierce thin textures or force it to be stuck. If the texture enough thin then it will not try to push away it similar in bug #4, but firmly attach this gun in texture with right angle. You can use it and climb on these guns to jump over the fence. For executing this bug you'll have to approach fence with right angle (but not snuggle) and drop the gun. longer gun, further stand from fence. Video-analysis here
#168. Sidorovich's strange door. Lock of this door closes at time of "Client: synch". But at this time and some earlier we can save - load. Eventually, lock will not work. Video-analysis here
#169. Mine ruse. Mines explodes with some lag and have small injury radius, therefore if you should sprint over it, then it does not keep up with player and will be safe.
#170. Elevator. Nature of this bug unknown and is most mystery of game for me. Executing like that. While locating on flat surface (prefer sitting) 1-2 times press any move to one direction, then after time about one third of second press "jump" and quickly press 3-4 times move to against direction. Last pressing should be continued. If you need more speed of elevator, release and press back this move key several times. To get out the elevator you need to turn backwards or press move key which was used in start of elevator (before jump). This bug working in rare places. You should know or search elevator points. Video-analysis here

##171-180. Tips and information

#181. Standing dead. Legs of corpse stuck in texture of grid.
#182. Arena, awesome door. Sometimes after loading quicksave in Bar, arena door appears askew
#183. Arena, texture flashes. Textures of pipe flanges and of floor locating on exactly same height, so game can't decide which texture to show.
#184. Super dead set chopper. Script failure for helicopter, after which it continuously doing same that did before failure.
#185. Texture bug in tunnel. Similar to #2
#186. Megaphone hanging in the air. Model of megaphone is not turned 90 degrees to make reality
#187. Soundless explosions. There is one texture in this shaft, which absorb all sounds. Objects fallen into it not be able to make any sound.
#188. Iron door from furniture. Developers decided to make own sound for door which force closing, and overdid it, by binding sound of iron door.
#189. Furniture not enough opens. Every door which have string "Door closed" can be opened in program. For all small doors of furniture you can do it by shot to the lock. But developers painted opening animations and opened models for not all kinds of furniture in game.
#190. Last portal while dead. This portal moves player to top point of map - top of big pipe. there is trigger of last cut-scene here. These all happens so fast, that we don't notice it. But if you catch this small moment and die after teleportation at once, cut-scene actuating might not work and you will stay on the pipe dead, because trigger sometimes doesn't work for corpse. Catastrophically hard to do it on strong computer because time of this moment  becomes several milliseconds. Video-analysis here

#191. Sneak to Pripyat without psy-defense. If you want to do it without antennas shutdown and even without psy-defense from Saharov, you should do it on only novice level, also you need good armor and at least 3 med kits. There are 5 zones of psy-radiation impact. Impact occurs through blows every 5th second. In this case player has duty's armor which considerably reduces strength of blows. First zone begins near a sniper where we get armor, it hurts player a little. Second zone begins on middle of Pripyat's road after corner, it hurts player for about one third of health strip by one blow (for this armor). 3d zone begins on same road near concrete pipes and hurts player most of health strip by one blow. Fourth zone begins about 10 meters before milk-truck and reduces almost all health strip by blow. Fifth zone begins from fat tree (on right side) and continues to the map trigger. Player in Duty's armor is unable to survive after even one blow in this zone, so it's the one variant if you'll wait a blow on the edge of 4th zone and run to the end with getting map trigger less than 5 seconds. You should remember that from 2nd zone and further our armor quickly damages, so after several blows player will not be able to survive one blow even in 4th zone. You're losing acceleration after every blow, therefore you should restore it continuously. Also you should eat med kit after every blow from 2nd zone and further. Grenade in this case helps to distract enemies in order for unhindered run in 5th zone. Video-analysis here
#192. Sneak to Petrenko. Developers made two abilities to go past the Duty's roadblock and made a surprise for player. Going back is blocked on both ways. But if player go away by road he make a heap of enemies. However, in low sitting by jumps you can find needed point and pass this heap of pipes, after all. This will be surprise for developers now. Video-analysis here

##193-206. Secrets

#207. Art Dummy bug. Developers made a mistake and set name of artifact already used in other artifact.
#208. Kill the bulb. Method of impact of bullet or explosion set by different functions. Developers made bulb vulnerable to explosions but forgot to do it for bullets.
#209. Phonogram! Sound of guitar not stops if NPC decides to change position, for example owing to player's kick.
#210. Who is knocking? Door programed on blows from inside while it closed and if player is near. But door does not take into account what side player located.

#211. Took 2 knives. Based on #51. There is knife and other weapons assigns to player on arena before any fight. After fight arena get back all weapons and extra knife. But if you didn't have a knife then it stays as own. But after getting quest to factory you takes a knife and pistol in any case. Eventually, you have 2 knives, one of them appears in inventory and you can drop it.
#212. Knife mix animation. In most games knife has two fight functions. In Stalker developers forgot to make block of the 2nd function if first is still working as it's made for 99.99% other games. So we're seeing some mix animation. 
#213. Knife in cut-scene. Cut-scene actually is a moving player on programed route and with full blocked all functions and without viewing weapons. If you'll quickly press many times left mouse button still at the dialog before fight, then block of taking weapon might not work because game will busy blocking a lot of attempts of knife blow. 
#214. Arena, save in cut-scene. Developer blocked ability to quicksave/quickload while cut-scene is executing but did not make it in console mode. If you save game from console at the time of cut-scene and further load it, you cut the end of cut-scene after which as in scenario the fight begins. So you can even talk to your enemies on arena. 
#215. Groza in cut-scene. Based on #170, #214. Even after repeating cut cut-scene and waiting the end of it, sums of starts and ends of cut-scenes now will be different. So, in every next fight you can see weapons in cut-scenes because game will not longer block taking weapon on any weapon. 
#216. Arny dead. Second function of grenade makes it ready to throw at any moment, simultaneously increases strength of throw. If at this moment you starts dialog then it will be thrown. Kills in Bar permitted only on arena, therefore if you finish the dialog and start fight before explosion, then there will no sad consequences after Arnie's death. Unless you won't be able to take reward and start next fight.
#217. Stuck at loading. Game does not save data about player's state. So if we save while sitting, in a place which not allow to stand there, after loading we as default appear in stand state. Consequently, player's head partially would be in texture and get stuck, which will make impossible to go away.

##218-229. Tips and information

#230. Grenade bug.
At the time of grenade throwing the player's model has certain animation, which working without dependence from proximity of wall. Grenade flies from hand at the time when hand is forward. So if we approach to wall closely and throw grenade, it will appear beyond the wall.
#231. Easy door break. 
Based on #210. At the time of strike door takes significant impulse by program. The lock working like a strong magnet - only if the door is closely to completely closed state. If you pull it a bit by any gun or other object, then program's strike will completely break it. 
#232. Door break by save. 
Based on #168. Using such fact that at the time of loading quicksave the lock of any door works with delay, we can push out the door from closed state after load at once. 
#233. Door break by grenade. 
Based on #230. At the time of explosion grenade gives strong impulse to all close objects. Also this impulse can break the lock for a little time. You can use it if you stand near the door. Using 230th bug you can create this impulse even beyond the door.
#234. Door break by corpse. 
At the time of moving of corpse, it has a huge strength. Lock of door can't prevent this process.
#235. Portal in jump. 
At the moment of teleporting, player's speed and direction data can be saved.
#236. Falling from big height. 
Developers were messing with factors of strike injury, depend on armor. They didn't have to equate falling from height and strike onto armor.  
#237. Shortcut near crane. 
Based on #235. Using saved speed in beginning of jump we can fly away and use it. 
#238. Shortcut long stairs. 
Based on #55. Most difficult is a first part of stairs. We can cross it only by bug. Further by crawling and jumping we can reach a roof.
#239. Shortcuts from textures. 
Based on #55, #100. Making these bugs allow us to appear out the texture. Then we can use texture holes there for shortcuts.
#240. Shortcut edge of roof. 
Moving on edge of roof is not enough limited.

##241-243. Tips and information

##244-252. Secrets 

#253. Kill Sidorovich in teleport by gun. Based on #15. If we go to that teleport while shooting from auto-rifle, then we have two-three shots before weapon block actuating. If at least one shot will hit Sidorovich, then he starts to fly like wooden cane, similar to bug 15.
#254. Kill Sidorovich in teleport by grenade. Based on #15, #216. After actuating weapon block, armed grenade automatically will be dropped.
#255. Jump to Sidorovich, teleport ruse. Drawing of textures in Sidorovich's bunker on CNPP is different from Escape variant. Grid allows to infiltrate into it and crawl through. In so doing we go out the trigger where portal can be actuated. 
#256. Breaking door in Sidorovich's bunker, teleport ruse. Based on #168, #232. Using impulse of exploded grenade, we saves game at moment of little open of door. After quickload the lock will not actuate, because door is not completely closed. So we can pass it. Here we are appearing in zone, where teleport can not be actuated too. 
#257. Corpse disappear. Corpse can disappear if it locates in texture for a little. It often occurs when quickloading save that has big amount of corpses or when pushing by any object. In this case - by door. But we can search it at any time. 
#258. Corpses driving chopper. Helicopter's model was drawed for case of finding it by player, while the helicopter is beaten down. Later, developers made exploding scenario to falling helicopter, but model was not changed.
#259. Anomalous pool. Developers added a texture of transparent liquid but forgot to add physical features of liquid. 
#260. Flashlight in floor. Sometimes after askew loading, flashlights of NPC can be dropped to floor near them. 
#261. Spam messages on X16. Quest with Vasiliev is considered as completed if you have went to X16. In so doing Vasiliev's message is playing. It's no matter of finding his corpse. 
#262. Every time one scene. Scenario was added while going to this location. But it should be added at only first transition. 
#263. Hide freedom's corpses to truck. Based on #262. Scenario provides for creating routes of moving for each Duty (from three) to different corpses of Freedom, regardless its locations. If it locates beyond some impediment, then Duty for little time while approaching will think and then say them phrases in place where they will stop 
#264. I have a job for good shooter, which is not. In beginning, these message was made as a greeting message. Later was added continuously offering of job, despite of absence in several variants.
#265. Duty always fighting, even without enemies. Scenario provides for playing messages at time of objective "to clear the Freedom's base". But after clearing, this scenario will continue to work, despite of fact that Duty can die not only in fighting. 
#266. Fully breaking door! Based on #4, #58. Armor has much more size than weapons. If we drops it under the door, we can create condition for short-term disappearing of door. In so doing, door will be tossed to different points near it. It can allow player to pass through door or push or kill him. Big object, which prevents door appearing, sooner or later will be strongly pushed away by short-term appearing of door. Further it will come back to its place. There is a pool with anomaly "jelly" near door. Door also can appear in this pool while this tossing. In so doing, upper hinge hits the kill zone of anomaly. While tossing, door comes to its place and flies away again. Therefore, we can see an effect on empty hinge. These actions occurs so fast, that we don't see when the door comes to place for little time and goes to pool. Brightness in the pool is more, so the door is shined after presence there. After coming back, door gradually restore its brightness. 

##267-276. Tips and information 

#277. New gun from wounded. In case of wounded enemy, his gun is deleted and reborn. Therefore it has no wear and zero ammo in mag. 
#278. Yantar. Removing of blurring effect. Developers suggested that any escape from X16 location is shutdown of the installation. 
#279. Red Forest. Removing brainburner effects. Similar to #278.
#280. Push NPC by objects. Any NPC has a zone which not allow you to cross it. It was made because you should not have ability to move NPC. But it does not apply to objects. Using any movable object you can move NPC while running. 
#281. Breaking NPC's position. Based on #280. If you leave the object on point of NPC's position, the models will twitch on this point. If you run into it at this time, NPC can be quickly moved to side. In so doing, game suggests that NPC is on needed point. 
#282. Push NPC by gun. Based on #4, #58. Impulse of dropping gun can move any NPC in case of absence of preventing by impediments or wall. 
#283. Blowing vehicles by knife. Similar to #6.
#284. See through wall. View of player is on top part of head, but physical edge of model is lower. Therefore, if a wall lean, you can see a little through this wall while snuggling to it.
#285. Repairing weapon. Game doesn't take to account parameters of weapon such as amount of current ammo or its wear for other NPC except player. Therefore gun given to enemy has always random amount of current ammo and standard wear despite last parameters before giving. 
#286. Repairing armor. Developers attributed to reduce 30% of exposure to some artifacts. Pellicle reduces exposure from acid, anomaly "jelly". Spring - from any falling, strike, iclude in anomalies "whirligig", "vortex" and "springboard". Battery - from electric exposure. Dummy - from any fire. But if you use 2 or more same artifacts, 30% does not apply to remaining level of exposure but simply adds. Eventually if you use 4 same artifacts you receive -120% of exposure, that's mean +20% to health from each strike of exposure. In case of 5 artifacts - +50%. There is simple coefficient of exposure between health and armor and if you heal yourself so, armor is repairing too. 
#287. Removing exposure of emission on CNPP maps. Based on #286. Oddly enough, exposure of emission on maps CNPP-1 and CNPP-2 has electric nature. If you use 4-5 batteries you can infinitly walk under emission attack despite of maximum level of radiation. 

#288. Fredom's corpse in anomaly. Based on #262. Similar to #263.
#289. We'll not leave Freedom's corpse. Based on #262. Similar to #263. 
#290. Making fight between duty and freedom without dialogs. Based on #262. Similar to #263. 
#291. Professional shhoting through walls. Similar to #119.

#292. Information

#293. He's blowing which already blown. Based on #6. Scenario of game does not provide for breaking wall and explosives by knife, so it cannot be changed.
#294. We didn't kill Duty but it counted. Based on #262, #290. Killing all dutyers actuates Lukash's dialogue about killing by Marked anyway, because scenario does not allow dialogue to be possible in case of Duty's attack and death of all dutyers. In this case, Marked should kill sniper of Freedom and become Freedom's enemy, which implies that Marked is not able to actuate dialogue with Lukash. But sniper can die by not only Marked. 
#295. Making fight between Duty and Mercenary. Based on #262. Similar to #263. 

#296. Getting Sidorovich's bunker without portal. Based on #55, #100. Using texture bug we can get out from the textures. Bunker of Sidorovich locates out the textures too. So, we can approach and get it without direct portal.

#297. Where is representative? Apparently, it was easier to make separate room than appearing C-consciousness in certain moment.

#298. Skip Dialog with C-consciousness. Similar to #58.
#299. How to hurt representative from distance. Similar to #230. 

#300. Tip. 

#301. Knife versus Power sources. Similar to #6.
#302. He shoots from backpack. After picking weapon animation always plays, but game notices that NPC picked a gun right away. So it allow to shoot from it initially. Animation of shooting is attached to weapon's model, so it will seem that weapon shoots in backpack. But bullet will leave according to crosshair. 
#303. C-consciousness is not a group. Developers didn't guess about ability of this NPC's grope viewing, so they made it already existing, which should be neutral to player in any case (different gropes joining)  
#304. Representative stolen the picture. Similar to #303.
#305. How to hurt representative in cut-scene. Based on #214. This bug might work in case of breaking generators from outside of this room (before script of door closing will work).

##306-310. Tips 
##311-323. Secrets 

##324-333. Similar to #139.

#334. Information
#335. CNPP-1. Climb roof with grenades. Similar to
#336. CNPP-1. Climb roof with gunjump.
Similar to #166.
#337. Secret

##338-347. Info and tips

#348. Gain rare ammo. Any gun appeared in inventory of NPC automatically spawns its ammo.
#349. Gain RPG missiles. Based on #348. Work same as 348, but in this case RPG usually disappear from NPC's inventory. Sometimes it's working on enemies initially having RPG if they pull their pistol. Sometimes there is no RPG in their corpses.
#350. Dark valley. Climb by pipe. Impediments located on slope can help you well to climb. It makes angle some easier.
#351. Pripyat. Cut-scene. Based on #213. Cut-scene, actually, is just a player moving according to assigned trajectory with restrictions of management. But during this scene, player touches trigger of map-transition.
#352. How to rob NPC. All NPCs in Stalker SoC buys and sells binoculars with same cost. But it's not forbidden for NPC, who already have binoculars, buy other one. But game supports only one binoculars at NPC except player. So one will be dropped.
#353. Change abakan to binoculars. Based on #352. Binoculars was mistakenly attributed as any gun. Given that NPC, once picked up any weapon, drops similar weapon, binoculars will be dropped in case of picking up any gun (even knife)
#354. Animation "want to take my head". This animation was forced to NPC regardless of having binoculars.
#355. How to fall proper. While saving game, there are no information of moving direction and velocity adding to file.
#356. Broken RG-6. Fire from grenadeguns has different mechanics unlike bullet firing where one bullet in round implies one shot only. Grenadeguns have two ammo counters. First counts ammo in inventory and takes to account such proccesses as unloading and weapon refusing. Second counts reloading grenades but doesn't take to account these proccesses. Grenade shot is possible if second counter has positive number. So if you repeat load/unload grenades, you will gain it in second counter and shots will be possible even if you see "0" ammo (first inventory counter) until it run out in second counter.
#357. How to fire RG-6 Without ammo. Similar to #356.

##358-361. Info and tips.

#362. Sitting jump. Nature of this bug is unknown. In order for using it you have to jump while sitting and release sitting key in top point of jump. You can use same in lower sitting state. There is no dependence from kind of sitting.
#363. Info.
#364. Grenadegunman shoots somewhere. This NPC shoots helicopter scripted flying above CNPP and shooting monolithians. Even if script for taking off of this helicopter didn't work, NPC will be shooting it anyway. 
#365. Untapped choppers. Firstly developers added many choppers on different spawns at start. Then they made scripts for choppers but not everyone. 
#366. Info.
#367. Choppers flying underground. Trajectory of chopper can change cause of proximity of player. Eventually instead landing it can go underground without any damage.
#368. Hole in fence always explodes. This hole explodes from chopper's rocket or from approaching of player.
#369. Breaking scripts by save. Similar to #168. 

##370-379. Secrets.

#380. Boxes runs away from player. Based on #4, #58. The surface which boxes locates on is not flat. After shot box can move into bulging parts of surface. After that game can strongly throw away the box and even break it.
#381. Behaviour of corpses stack. Similar to #4.
#382. Skull loves to die. Skull is in the field of visibility of freedomer on tower sometimes. After taking task to help squad, this one becomes enemy for Skull. Once the Freedomer spot Skull, he start to shoot. In so doing Skull doesn't react because game doesn't suggest this. 
#383. Dutiers teleports. Developers badly put triggers and spawns of dutiers after massive killing in Bar.
#384. Underground ravens. Ravens spawns in points underground recently. And it does not prevent them to fly into sky 
#385. Bad transition. Dark Valley-Garbage Transition end point coincides with trigger of transition Garbage-Dark Valley. Main story suggests that player is not supposed to use it this way. Perhaps it's a reason of badly making of this transition.   
#386. Chopper sound from nothing. Chopper sound spawn and Chopper spawn are managed by different commands. So we can see this nonsense sometimes.
#387. Chopper flies into ground. Based on #367. Trajectory of chopper flying was assigned regardless map textures locations. But unlike 367th bug chopper engages with ground texture and goes to the falling state. But there are no collision for chopper's explosion, so it get stuck inside this texture and keep this state all time. 
#388. Fake tasks sounds. Triggers of actuation tasks or messages was assigned but text of these messages is absent 
#389. Weak gates. Gates are not massive enough, so it can go out the hinges after engaging with running player or grenade's explosion.