Here you can find a collection of speedruns of different games from sigma-team. In these speedruns each action was measured - no one extra buy, no one extra action, all for time economy. Difficulty level - Easy. No any cheat-codes or programs used.

Alien Shooter - Speedrun

Speedrun for 13 minutes 22 seconds (World Record). There are some map bugs used and only such secrets, that reducing time running. 

Zombie shooter - Speedrun

Speedrun of Zombie Shooter. Game time 10 minutes and 0 seconds. There are some map bugs used and only such secrets, that reducing time running.

Alien Shooter: Revisited - Speedrun

Speedrun of game Alien Shooter: Revisited for 28 minutes 17 seconds. There is weapon feature used similar as in second part of game. Shortcut-bugs in this remake was fixed, so speedrun for this game was much more difficult.  


Only one among crowds of enemies! Let's survive among crowds of enemies until they just finish all. Developer didn't make story in case of surviving, so we can see some bugs at finish. See bugs and how to survive in hardest conditions without cheats!

Alien Shooter - Survive victory

Alien Shooter. Survive to the end - victory! Surviving in Alien Shooter to the very end. Also saving health kit. Perhaps developers didn't think that it's possible so I had to stop game manually.

Zombie Shooter - Survive victory

Zombie Shooter. Survive to the end - victory! Walkthrough of surviving mode on Zombie shooter. Same as Alien shooter, developers didn't think that this mode can be done, so I discovered some bugs at the end: 

1.   there are crowd of usual bosses appearing after blue boss. But surviving mode becomes completed if you kill any one of them 

2.   If you buy some gun, upgrade it and sell then after continuing main game perhaps you'll see expensive gun at the beginning. Also 3000 money!

3.   while fade to black after killing boss if you press ESC twice, surviving mode will stay solid. And you can stop it only by system task manager.


Walkthrough of missions in different games from Sigma with complicated factors.

Zombie Shooter - Win the last level by only pistols!

Zombie shooter - Walkthrough final mission with pistols only

 Used for accelerating: 
 1. Easy level
 2. Full upgraded pistols
 3. Full accuracy
 4. Female