There are more than 70 bugs, features, secrets, shortcuts found in game "IGI 2: Covert Strike". For those who interesting or thinking that know all about this game, I suggest to watch! All bugs or secrets were numbered and you can easily find required any one in section BUGS GRID  here.
Full descriptions of bugs you can find in 
This section

BUGS secrets №1

Ride the chopper, flying faster than helicopter, comp on market, injections, send grenade to the future, force enemy to suicide and other
Part 1. Bugs in series:  #1-18

Bugs secrets №2

Shooting the air defense, Riding on chopper, grenade to the future, Big texture fail, Jump from rocket's elevator, air mines, paratroopers from ceiling, kill himself in cut-scene
Part 2. Bugs in series:  #19-36

Bugs secrets №3 descriptions

This video shows all difficult and confusing bugs from 2 previous videos. Also there are mines, APC, Chinese bugs shown as a bonus.
Part 3: #37-40

Bugs secrets №4

Bomber got stuck in sky, how to hide corpses, PDA saving life, Arabian cheater, mission completed but failed,  get chip under truck, strafe jump and shortcut, how to get god's strength and other.  
Part 4: #41-60

Bugs secrets №5

walls disappears, evasion from bullets , how to appear as truck's driver, grenade stuck in bushes, defective mines and other. 
Part 5: #61-75

IGI 2: Covert Strike - Speedrun 50:05 (IL)

IGI 2: Covert Strike - speedrun in IL mode. Record set in July 2018 as 50 minutes 5 seconds of game time. Bugs which were used: jump bugs : #10, #23, #25, #32, #55, #66; texture bug #26,  grenades in cut-scene: #14, #20; elevator ruse #59, getting chip bug #58, evasion from bullets #62, using of enemy #68, defective mines #69, trigger of death #60; also secrets: #54, #11, #57. There was no any cheats or special settings.

Best time per mission

Here you can go to watch any mission in speedrun mode. Shown best time on different levels of difficulty. 


Here are shown methods of walkthrough of any mission in stealth mode with getting max rank (David Djones) on hard difficulty, also minimum of deaths and shots. 
There are stats shown under every video (Maximum allowable number relevant for this rank is after slash)

IGI 2: Covert Strike - Script breaking

This video tells about how to change files of IGI 2 for adding yourself any weapon in any mission or making yourself invisible. 


Here you can easily find any required bug or secret by going to relevant video at once.
Bugs descriptions

Text color: Red - texture bug
             Purple - jump or falling bug
Blue - bug APC related
Green - weapon or equipment bug
Orange - Secrets


Armored cameras are broken. #17. Bugs & Secrets 1.
Trucks blows. #31. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Arabian cheater. #50. Bugs & Secrets 4. 
Bullet evasion. #62. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Thermal imaging in cut-scene. #63. Bugs & Secrets 5. 
Using enemy for opening gates . #68. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Accuracy always 100%. #46. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Gun lost. #4. Bugs & Secrets 1Bugs analysis 1.
Dead but throw grenade. #28. Bugs & Secrets 2. 
Ignore the grenade. #48. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Defective mines #69. Bugs & Secrets 5.
RPG charging not at once. #64. Bugs & Secrets 5. 
RPG lying? #65. Bugs & Secrets 5.
RPG to wall. #73. Bugs & Secrets 5.
RPG to sky. #74. Bugs & Secrets 5. 
RPG missile stuck in bushes. #75. Bugs & Secrets 5.
APC and corpses. #7. Bugs & Secrets 1. 
APC does not see me lying. #37. Bugs & Secrets 3.
Setting mines on APC. #56. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Into APC. #38. Bugs & Secrets 3. 
Car got stuck. #5. Bugs & Secrets 1. 
On the machinegun of APC. #6. Bugs & Secrets 1.


1. Infiltration
Gates into wall. #1. Bugs & Secrets 1, Bugs analysis 1.
Into the texture by stealth. #41. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Shortcut gate. #66. Bugs & Secrets 5.
River shortcut. #44. Bugs & Secrets 4.

2. Deep in the mines
Go out the train. #23. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Elevator ruse.
#59. Bugs & Secrets 4.

3. The weather station
Jump bug, ride the chopper. #2. Bugs & Secrets 1, Bugs analysis 1.
Fly away faster than chopper.
#3. Bugs & Secrets 1, Bugs analysis 1.

4. Bridge across the Dnestr
Panels and jumps. #55. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Hole in fence. #54. Bugs & Secrets 4.

5. Ambush
Ride the chopper.
#21. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Bombs are perpetual. #22. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Steady guys on blown bridge.
#29. Bugs & Secrets 2.
There is explosion or not.
#42. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Steal the chip under truck.
#58. Bugs & Secrets 4.
APC climbed on truck. #39. Bugs & Secrets 3.

6. Production facility
Med. injection. #11. Bugs & Secrets 1.
Secret routes. #25. Bugs & Secrets 2, Bugs analysis 1.

7. Border crossing
Ride the chopper.
#33. Bugs & Secrets 2, Bugs analysis 1.
Mines "surface-to-air". #34. Bugs & Secrets 2.

8. Libyan rendezvous
computer on market.
#8. Bugs & Secrets 1.
gates were frozen.
#47. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Mission completed but failed.
#52. Bugs & Secrets 4.
9. Prison escape
Med. injection. #12. Bugs & Secrets 1.
From door to texture. #26. Bugs & Secrets 2, Bugs analysis 1
10. Priboi's villa
Gate pushes into ceiling. #51. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Water blast. #43. Bugs & Secrets 4.

11. The airfield
Around gates on fences. #67. Bugs & Secrets 5.
1000 and 1 way to be failed. #15. Bugs & Secrets 1.

12. Zaleb's stronghold
PDA saving life. #49. Bugs & Secrets 4.

13. Showdown at the docks
Lying shortcut. #9. Bugs & Secrets 1.
Jump bug shortcut. #10. Bugs & Secrets 1, Bugs analysis 1.
Grenade into the future. #14. Bugs & Secrets 1.
Grenade in the cut-scene. #36. Bugs & Secrets 2.

14. Island assault
How to get God's strength.
#60. Bugs & Secrets 4.

15. Air-strike
Break the Air defense by gun. #19. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Askew and stuck bomber.
#45. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Turning on radar.
#53. Bugs & Secrets 4.

16. Ancient temple
Wall disappeared. #61. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Cool boost. #30. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Turning dish by myself.
#27. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Pseudo armored cameras. #16. Bugs & Secrets 1.

17. Weapons secret lab
Med. injection. #13. Bugs & Secrets 1.
Shortcut on pipes. #57. Bugs & Secrets 4.
Hole in texture. #24. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Paratrooper from ceiling. #35. Bugs & Secrets 2.
Blind Chinese.
#40. Bugs & Secrets 3.
Grenade into the future. #20. Bugs & Secrets 2.

18. Mission control

19. The launch pad
Texture hole. #70. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Jump over fence. #71. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Gantry tosses to other one. #72. Bugs & Secrets 5.
Super-jump. #32. Bugs & Secrets 2, Bugs analysis 1.
Massive enemy's suicide.
#18. Bugs & Secrets 1.


#1. Gates into wall. Texture bug. If object, moving to player's side, press him to wall while player press move key to wall side then player will be pushed into the wall. 
#2. Jump bug, ride the chopper. What about boarding chopper in missions 3 and 5, I have to explain only jumps inside the chopper on upper texture. This bug related with fact that if you press any move key at the time of jump, player's model firmly tries to cling to any close horizontal texture. In so doing, it can appear out the textures or over ceiling. 
#3. Fly away faster than chopper. Chopper's model bug. There is a section in the sky where the chopper's model strongly tosses. In so doing, if player's model will be stuck between textures and state of it will be unstable, then player might be dead or pushed into one from two directions. You can do it like this: By using bug 2 jump out the textures of chopper. Then you should go straight to the end, hold on the left texture in sitting state. Then moving little forward a second before tossing in same left texture. But you should to release move key at the moment of jump. 
#4. Gun lost. Player's model bug. Dropping gun occurs before than deleting it from inventory in fact. Working if you quickly switch to gun dropping.
#5. Car got stuck. APC model bug - not stuck at all. This is a wrong scenario when it spotted player but not be able to aim to him. 
#6. On the machinegun of APC. Yes, barrel while aiming can move up player.
#7. APC and corpses. APC model bug. Every corpse same the player have a central point, which links to map texture. But if any object will move on corpse, it can cling this point and link to itself. 
#8. Computer on market. Trigger bug. Developers made computer trigger in irrelevant place.
#9. (secret)
#10. Jump bug shortcut. Based on #2. Texture bug. Complicated form of bug 2. In this case you should set exact direction to the crossing point of two textures - edge of cab right side and side from left. 
#11. (secret)
#12. (secret)
#13. (secret)
#14. Grenade into the future. Transferring grenade explosion through cut-scene. At the start of cut-scene grenade is not disappearing, and blowing in any case, which can be used. 
#15. (secret) 
#16. Pseudo armored cameras. Almost all cameras on 16th level and partially on 17 have health of usual cameras as a mistake. 
#17. Armored cameras are broken. Any armour camera can be broken too. But you should shoot 126 times from "minimi" for example. 
#18. Massive enemy's suicide. So, bullheaded APC moves according to programed route, bullheaded enemies moves into it. Shooting from silencer create sounds of bullets on the floor on route of APC. It's forces them to run there. 
#19. Break the air defense by gun. Developers left ability to injure air defense by any gun. You should make 251 shots from minimi for explosion. but it will turn out as breaking of scenario and you'll have to restart mission. 
#20. Grenade into the future. Similar to #14
#21. Ride the chopper. Similar to #2
#22. Bombs are perpetual. Here the developers forgot to delete bomb models after explosion. 
#23. Go out the train. Based on #2. Player get short-term stuck in train texture. It reduces speed and allows to survive after falling 
#24. Hole in texture. Texture bug - Hole in floor left 
#25. Secret routes. Based on #2. At the time of second jump I used a bug - side running. If you press side and forward keys simultaneously, run speed will be increased on 10-15%, In case of walking, crawling - on 40%. Jump while this running will be farther. Also you should drop heavy gun (ak, m4 or more) and choose knife or grenade for speed increasing. 
#26. From door to texture. At the time of opening by key, player locates in certain position related with door. There is no dependence from open/close state of door. If door half-opened, player appears out the texture after try to open it.
#27. Turning dish by myself. Bug related with trigger left on dish 
#28. Dead but throw grenade. Bug of player's model. Animation of grenade throwing works even after death. It occurs after releasing mouse key which pressed while live.
#29. Steady guys on blown bridge. Trigger bug. Explosion does not hurt enemies which locates in middle zone of bridge. 
#30. Cool boost. Based on #2. Jump bug based on 2 in more heavy form. Health is reducing with quickly loosing of total speed in this game, without dependence of location. 
#31. Trucks blows. Some trucks can explode without any sound.
#32. Super-jump. It's available due to textures sticking out the construction. Executing by pressing move key directly to these textures for whole falling.  
#33. Ride the chopper. Based on #2. You can approach to this chopper only behind from certain angle. In so doing player is out from machinegun's viewing zone. 
#34. Mines "surface-to-air". Trigger bug. Mine zone not limited by vertical, so it injures player on any height. 
#35. Paratrooper from ceiling. Based on #2, #24, #30. Combining of bugs 24 and 30.
#36. Grenade in the cut-scene. Similar to #14
#37. APC does not see me lying. Based on #7. APC turret is one part of model which can't affect player. We can crawl into it and central point of player's model will be hidden from machinegun because it will appear inside the turret texture. 
#38. Into APC. Based on #1. This situation like in bug 1. But APC as moving object and ground slope, tree or road as a wall. If we press move key directly to APC, then we can appear inside.
#39. APC climbed on truck. APC programmed with scenario that if it spotted player it starts to move around randomly. In so doing route will not be changed if approaching impediment. 
#40. Blind Chinese. Developers attributed this enemy to react only visual appearing of player in his view, which is straight. There are no any reaction on any sound because they didn't expect that player can approach him behind.
#41. Into the texture by stealth. Script of stealth-kill works in spite of map impediments. 
#42. There is explosion or not. If you set last bomb at last seconds, then explosion will be at the moment when convoy have already appeared on bridge. In so doing animation of explosion will be rejected but sound will occur and mission will be failed. 
#43. Water blast. Based on #7. You may notice that water is sways on this map. Water exists even under texture, under barrel. Sometimes top of wave appears too close to barrel under it. If it explode at this moment, game will think that it's need to create underwater animation of explosion. 
#44. (secret)
#45. Askew and stuck bomber. Attributing scenario of bomber, developers took account that player can aim air defense not to the end. In this case bomb falls past. But they forgot to correct further scenario in this case. Eventually bomber was frozen until finish the aiming. 
#46. Accuracy always 100%. Accuracy stats in game counts too simple. There is only ratio number of hits to number of shots (rather clicking LMB on shootable weapon) in percent. Let's take to account that we can kill both from one sniper shot, so we have ability to miss one time and accuracy will be 100 anyway. Also bug - if we shoots from pistol or sniper gun to enemy by quickly pressing LMB, then in spite of few number of shots game will count all "hits" by every time LBM pressing. It will be in stats for example as 10 hits with 3 shots. 
#47. Gates was frozen. Trigger bug. These gates have 2 triggers to open by key. After opening both gates opens. There is new easy-open trigger appears on one part of gates. Feature of this trigger is that it can work even while moving. If we actuate it on completely opened/closed gate it will be normal at all. Developers didn't take to account that this trigger works only for one part of gates in case of moving. So if we actuate it while moving gate, then it will be out of synch and bug will work. Eventually game will expect when both parts approach to one edge state simultaneously, for a long, long time. 
#48. Ignore the grenade. Many machinegun tripods have interesting feature - invulnerability for explosions.
#49. PDA saving life. If we take PDA while moving in chopper then target for RPG-units will be shifted. Consequently, they almost always doesn't make any damage. 
#50. Arabian cheater. If you close the door towards the enemy, scenario for him will be broken. Eventually enemy continuously makes last action. In this case he always shoots to player, even beyond the wall. 
#51. Gate pushes into ceiling. Similar to #1. 
#52. Mission completed but failed. Mission will be failed if guard appears in Priboi's room. But if player appears there and kill guard at this moment, it will actuate cut-scene anyway. But game prefer fail variant.
#53. Turning on radar. You can not prevent radar turning even by yourselves. 
#54. (secret)
#55. Panels and jumps. Similar to #2.
#56. Setting mines on APC. Game allows to set mines on models ,even movable. In so doing, game attributes steady map coordinates to mine after planting and consider it as immovable object. Eventually it's a hoot. 
#57. (secret)
#58. Steal the chip under truck. We can get the chip if approach to it closely. But nobody forbid it under truck.  
#59. Elevator ruse. We can go away elevator after move actuating while gate closing. In so doing, elevator moves down and we can jump over it and climb on this construction.
#60. How to get God's strength. Very strange bug. For using you have to locate in certain zone near those 5. Further you need to make action which force them to panic mode (shooting from loud gun, or silent but bullets should hit near any one, or let yourselves be spotted). Somehow, all 5 will be dead after that. 
#61. Wall disappeared. Sometimes textures can disappear while player going away from it. But this is the one case when huge texture disappearing near the player. 
#62. Bullet evasion. All enemies aims player's head level and shoots without any dispersion (except shotgun). But if we looks down, head of player's model leans. So enemies will not be able to hit player anymore. Bad working while player locates on different height.  
#63. Thermal imaging in cut-scene. When we actuate a thermal imaging, game shifted to other display mode. In so doing if we starts a cut-scene, this mode will stay for all scene. 
#64. RPG charging not at once. Animation of recharging of RPG finishes earlier than real charging. So if we switch gun at this moment, we'll have a discharged RPG again. 
#65. RPG lying? Developers forbid using RPG in lying state. It's normal. But abnormal that they allow to take RPG in lying state. In so doing, state of player shifts to sitting, in spite of limits from impediments. 
#66. Shortcut gate. Similar to #2.
#67. Around gates on fences. Similar to #2.
#68. Using enemy for opening gates. Same as in first part of game, closed gates opens if enemy approaching. By attracting enemy you can use it.
#69. Defective mines. Mines does not actuate after planting if somebody is close. Also it perceives corpses as live objects too. Consequently mine planted near corpse will never be activated. 
#70. Texture hole. Developers left the gap in textures where you can crawl through it. 
#71. Jump over fence. Similar to #2.
#72. Gantry tosses to other one. Similar to #2, #30
#73. RPG to wall. While shooting, RPG creates missile on the end of barrel. If you snuggle to wall the end of barrel appears in texture, so if you will shoot then it seems like piercing wall by missile. 
#74. RPG to sky. At the moment of reaching the top level of sky, missile doesn't explode, because there is no solid texture. It gets stuck for moment, loses all speed and gradually, slowly starts to fall. 
#75. RPG missile stuck in bushes. Based on #74. While falling missile can meet one more texture which not solid, for example like bush. Further it gets stuck there forever.