Bugs and secrets

There was found more than 50 bugs, features, secrets and shortcuts in game "Half-Life" . For those who interested and those who are thinking that knows all about this game, I should advise to look at this! All bugs and secrets was numbered in views and you can easily find additional information in section BUGS GRID here. 
Full descriptions and execution of bugs and tricks you can find in 
this section


I'm presenting 20 bugs and secrets in famous game. Also some explanations in its execution. Speedrun bunny hop, beetles helps to gain height, jump bug, edge bug, rocket jump, beetle teleport, healing door, cheat-codes and other.
Part 1. Bugs in series:  #1-20


32 bugs and secrets more in game Half-Life. Also some explanations in its execution.  Skip with trolley in test chamber, secret scene with scientist, break tank with crowbar, Gabe's face, wagon stuck, ruse of enemy's missile, shortcuts and other.  
Part 2. Bugs in series:  #21-52


You can easily find needed bug, secret or trick by going to relevant video at once
Bugs, tricks descriptions

Text color:    Red - Engine bug
                Purple - Shortcuts
Green - Weapon or equipment bugs
Orange - Secrets


Ingame cheats. #20. Bugs secrets 1.
Bunny hop. #1. Bugs secrets 1.
Ladder boost.
#7. Bugs secrets 1.
Edge bug.
#8. Bugs secrets 1.
Jump bug.
#9. Bugs secrets 1.
Elevator on beetle.
#2. Bugs secrets 1.
Cling to ladder.
#12. Bugs secrets 1.
Using through wall.
#13. Bugs secrets 1.
Box flight.
#38. Bugs secrets 2.
Jump-flat effects not only to player.
#40. Bugs secrets 2.
Using scientists and guards. #50. Bugs secrets 2.
Object boost. #51. Bugs secrets 2.
Gauss - boost. #3. Bugs secrets 1.
Gauss - ricochet. #4. Bugs secrets 1.
Gauss - wallbangs. #5. Bugs secrets 1.
Hornetgun to gates. #10. Bugs secrets 1.
Lasermines to gates. #15. Bugs secrets 1.
Rocket jump.
#11. Bugs secrets 1.
Beetle can eat the loot faster. #18. Bugs secrets 1.
Breaking tanks by crowbar. #27. Bugs secrets 2.


Wagon got stuck. #37. Bugs secrets 2.

Microwave hoot. #21. Bugs secrets 2.
Freeman's vault. #22. Bugs secrets 2.
Turn on the alarm - swearing. #24. Bugs secrets 2.
Turn off the connection - swearing. #25. Bugs secrets 2.
Turn off the light - swearing. #26. Bugs secrets 2.
Sent elevator to ceiling. #6. Bugs secrets 1.
Trolley's skip. #52. Bugs secrets 2.
Vortigaunt didn't come back. #35. Bugs secrets 2.

Go to beginning - secret scene. #23. Bugs secrets 2.
Gabe's face. #28. Bugs secrets 2.
Elevator ruse. #17. Bugs secrets 1.
How to come down without elevator. #34. Bugs secrets 2.


Secret message of scientist. #50. Bugs secrets 2.

Barnacle secret. #29. Bugs secrets 2.
Corpse can kill. #39. Bugs secrets 2.


Easter egg and secret under stairs. #30. Bugs secrets 2.
Shortcut by button through wall. #45. Bugs secrets 2.
Grenade into gap. #36. Bugs secrets 2.
Enemy's missile managing. #42. Bugs secrets 2.
Out the textures near rocket. #41. Bugs secrets 2.
Secret under water. #31. Bugs secrets 2.

Shortcut - use through the door. #49. Bugs secrets 2.

Megastore. #33. Bugs secrets 2.
Shortcut - Jump to fence. #46. Bugs secrets 2.
Healing by door. #19. Bugs secrets 1.
Shortcut by rock near dam. #44. Bugs secrets 2.
Shortcut on big rock. #48. Bugs secrets 2.
Shortcut near bunch of lasermines. #47. Bugs secrets 2.
Break gates by yourself. #16. Bugs secrets 1.

Secret over pipes. #32. Bugs secrets 2.

Beetle in teleport. #14. Bugs secrets 1.

15. XEN



How to kill Nihilant easier. #43. Bugs secrets 2.


#1. Bunny hop. After every jump game stops player, that's prevent moving by frequent jumps. But if we jumps off exactly at the moment of landing then we avoids it. Easiest way to do it - to send big amount of jump commands for little time. We have two variants without using special programs or devices. First - wheel of mouse. By using commands like 'bind mwheeldown +jump' or 'bind mwheelup +jump' we sets jump to moving of wheel down or up. While turning of wheel big amount of jump commands occurs and we jumps off without speed decrease. Second variant is typing script like this: 'bind mouse2 ";+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"' that means many jump commands on right mouse button. You can do it for any other key. Small mistakes of landing you can offset by normal strafes. When you are in air, release 'forward', press side move key and synchronize mouse move to same side. After that similar to other side. If you'll do it well, you'll become not only not slower but much faster than usual running. 
#2. Elevator on beetle. Based on #1. Using script, you can make jumps on beetle and gain the height if close to tall wall. This bug working because beetles get some stuck under player's model, if they will appear under it. But for injuring and jumping off from player's model, beetle has to approach more close to player. Game has ability to jump off from beetles, so if you will continuously jump on beetle you will continuously gain the height until the wall or map will finish. 
#3. Gauss - boost. While shooting by alter fire you get huge impulse as a recoil. you can use it as strong horizontal speed boost while player locates in air. 
#4. Gauss - ricochet. The one gun which has ability to ricochet. 
#5. Gauss - wallbang. Similar to #4.
#6. Sent elevator to ceiling. When the player's model locates out the elevator, it prevents moving of elevator. If you'll actuate elevator and prevent its moving, then elevator will go up, despite of ceiling there.
#7. Ladder boost. Game engine defines move speed to each move-key separately. If you press two keys (not beyond each other) then while directing view to middle of two directions which relevant each move key you will get overlap of velocities ladder moving.
#8. Edge bug. At the time of landing player can loose speed by edge of any horizontal texture. If player immediately will continue the flight then game may not react to landing and not decrease health.
#9. Jump bug. Sitting model of player has smaller height. after releasing "duck" model immediately lines up. If at this moment you jump from ground then game can miss the moment of landing and health will not decreased. this point in time is so small that probability of executing bug is extremely low. Also it decreases by height.
#10. Hornetgun to gates. Based on #6. Any moving object can prevent other one as in bug 6. In this case, flying hornets are same objects. Also they infiltrate to gates enough deeply. Game engine forces these gates to move back if it meets obstacle. New map loads after complete closing gates so you can accelerate this process by hornets. 
#11. Rocket jump. Any explosion, close to player, gives him a huge impulse. You can use it as increasing both horizontal and vertical speed. 
#12. Cling to ladder. Player, clinging to ladder, immediately loose all speed without health lose. 
#13. Using through wall. Developers forgot to remove ability to actuate buttons and other devices through walls. 
#14. Beetle in teleport. It's working this way. Since the beginning teleport always works in this point. But there is a one limit that game can't teleport dead player. There is one trigger above the portal which give deadly impact to anybody who come in. It disappears after actuating portal in scenario. But if we'll throw the beetle, trigger will spend his strength to beetle and will not keep up to flying player followed. Eventually teleport will work.
#15. Lasermines to gates. These mines clings to any flat surface even it's moving. If you set mine that it will prevent to close gates so it will disarm and become ammo unit. In this case it appears inside the texture of gates and forces gates to get stuck until taking it.
#16. Break gates by yourself. Almost all objects in game which can be blown in story, for some reason can be broken by any other gun.
#17. Elevator ruse. Elevator doesn't moving anywhere in fact. When we actuates elevator, game checks our location. If we locates in trigger zone (in elevator) then after closing doors game switches the map while elevator seems like moving. But this trigger stick out the elevator for little. We can touch its edge and use it while we locates outside. 
#18. Beetle can eat the loot faster. Based on #2. Getting stuck ability of beetle can be useful for easy killing. Actually, beetle after bite takes impulse which throw it to side, because bites might not be too frequently. But if it locates already inside the model, then impulse does not work. So beetle quickly eat the loot. 
#19. Healing door. When player prevent moving any object, it can hurt or kill player. Speed of injuring depends on degree of preventing and parameters attributed by developers to each object. But by mistake they attributed increasing health (or armor if any). Game can display only 255 percent of health but there is no upper limit so you can gain health for much time. 
##20-26. (secrets)
#27. Breaking tanks by crowbar. Similar to #16.
##28-33. (secrets)
#34. How to come down without elevator. Player can climb on steep slopes by pressing move key to direction of this slope. Speed of climbing depends on steep degree. When player appears on this slope, speed becomes to this value for 1-2 seconds. So, if we get this slope while quick falling, we can press move key right to this slope and we'll quickly loose speed, even if we can't climb on top. 
#35. Vortigaunt didn't come back. Appearing vortigaunts falls into triggers that teleport them back. But if we move the trolley back, then one vortigaunt will fall on the trolley and will not reach his trigger. Eventually he will stay right there.
#36. Grenade into gap. The grenades like any other models has no physical size and has shape of point, but displays normally. Consequently, we can throw grenade into any thin gap. 
#37. Wagon got stuck. Grid has scenario to open and close in certain moments after wagon approaching. If wagon get stuck after approaching then it can close before it. It's not an obstacle for wagon but player can not go through it. You can force wagon to stick by snuggling to edges and corners while it turns. 
#38. Box flight. Game engine defines vertical speed to box if it meets a slope while flying. So it's normal. But developers forgot to add gravity effect after this flight. 
#39. Corpse can kill. Enough strange bug. Player can die exactly in this place if scientist is dead. 
#40. Jump-flat effects not only to player. This flat is a place with negative gravity parameters. So, it affects not only to player but any other object.
#41. Out the textures near rocket. There is hole left
#42. Enemy's missile managing. These missiles have program to direct by laser. And no matter whose laser it is.
#43. How to kill Nihilant easier. These guns have little other program in case of hitting enemy. It can impact the enemy's model and go inside the model. Here it can reach main crystal and kill Nihilant from floor at once. 
#44. Shortcut by rock near dam. If while player's flying two walls located by acute angle block him then player stops to fall. This can be used for saving health while falling from big height.
#45. Shortcut by button through wall. Based on #13. Using bug 13 we can actuate rocket from outside and get ready near airlock. It gives time economy.
#46. Shortcut - jump to fence. Based on #1. Using strafe we can reach the fence and shortcut.
#47. Shortcut near bunch of lasermines. Game allows to jump on armed mines and climb high impediments by that. 
#48. Shortcut on big rock Using ledge of texture we can go into place where we are unexpected.
#49. Shortcut - use through door. Based on #13.
#50. Using scientists and guards. Secret message of scientist. Game opens door facing scientist or guard if it has no eye-check lock. The one difficulty is to force him to approach door and make movement right into the door. You should do this by kicks to certain directions. Phrase of scientist should be after opening doors to blast pit. But developers maybe by mistake kills this scientist according story before that moment. 
#51. Object boost. At the time of pressing key 'use' on any movable object, game stops player and does not allow player to gain speed. But for short-term moment of time while we press 'use' in moving state, object takes huge acceleration and for a little time clings to player. If you'll get the moment when object's speed is big, but object has link with player yet and you'll release 'use' key, then player will quickly take off to same direction with object. 
#52. Trolley's skip. Based on #1, #51. Using maximum effectively Object boost with trolley, you should choose position in order for touch leaned surface while flying. It will force player to get huge height. There is one hidden trigger on the ceiling of test chamber. It changes map to next, which seems like previous but after incident. While flying you should use strafes and direct yourself to this trigger and further to edge of aggregate in top of chamber. You should do last part by memory because screen will fade to black. After completing, jump to window. Here is small invisible ledge which doesn't allow you to fall further down. Finally go into window and that's all.


This section has cheat and other interesting commands in game. 

(instead # should be number, and instead <...> - name of object)

  • sv_cheats 1 - turn on cheat mode (works after map reload)
  • gl_monolights 1 - makes all places bright in game (works after map reload)
  • god - on/off invulnerability mode
  • notarget - on/off invisible mode (except turrets)
  • impulse 101 - get all weapons, ammo and armor
  • noclip - on/off flying mode without walls 
  • sv_gravity # - set the value of gravitation (default: 800 )
  • sv_maxspeed # - maximum speed enabled (default: 320)
  • sv_accelerate # - player's off-the-line acceleration (10) 
  • sv_airaccelerate # - player's acceleration in air (10) 
  • sv_friction # - speed of stopping on earth (4)
  • map <name> - go to map (map list HERE)
  • changelevel <name> - same.
  • give <unit> - get unit - ammo, gun, other (unit list HERE)


c0a0   c0a0a   c0a0b   c0a0c   c0a0d   c0a0e

c1a0   c1a0a   c1a0b

c1a0d   c1a0e   c1a1   c1a1a   c1a1b   c1a1c    c1a1d   c1a1f

c1a2   c1a2a   c1a2b   c1a2c   c1a2d

c1a3   c1a3a   c1a3b   c1a3c   c1a3d

c1a4   c1a4b   c1a4d   c1a4e   c1a4f   c1a4g   c1a4i   c1a4j   c1a4k

c2a1   c2a1a   c2a1b

     ON A RAIL
c2a2   c2a2a   c2a2b1   c2a2b2   c2a2c   c2a2d   c2a2e   c2a2f    c2a2g   c2a2h

c2a3   c2a3a   c2a3b   c2a3c   c2a3d   c2a3e

c2a4   c2a4a    c2a4b   c2a4c 

c2a4d   c2a4e   c2a4f   c2a4g

c2a5   c2a5a   c2a5b   c2a5c    c2a5d   c2a5e    c2a5f    c2a5g   c2a5w    c2a5x

c3a1   c3a1a    c3a1b   c3a2    c3a2a   c3a2b   c3a2c    c3a2d

c3a2e    c3a2f


c4a2   c4a2a   c4a2b

c4a1a    c4a1b   c4a1c    c4a1d    c4a1e   c4a1f



                                                   TRAINING COURSE

t0a0   t0a0a   t0a0b    t0a0b1   t0a0b2   t0a0c   t0a0d


crossfire   datacore   frenzy   gasworks   lambda_bunker   
rapidcore   snark_pit   stalkyard   subtransit   undertow


Standard weapon:

  • weapon_crowbar - Crowbar
  • weapon_glock  or  weapon_9mmhandgun - Pistol (Glock-17)
  • weapon_357  or  weapon_python - Strong revolver (Magnum .357)
  • weapon_mp5 - Machine pistol (MP-5)
  • weapon_shotgun - Shotgun
  • weapon_crossbow - Crossbow
  • weapon_rpg - Laser surface-to-air missile system
  • weapon_gauss - Electric weapon (gauss)
  • weapon_egon - Electric weapon 2 ("vacuum cleaner")
  • weapon_hornetgun - Xen's hornetgun
  •  weapon_handgrenade - grenades
  • weapon_satchel - Bombs with radio-actuation
  • weapon_tripmine - Laser mines
  • weapon_snark - Needles


  • ammo_9mmclip   or   ammo_glockclip - Ammo for pistol
  • ammo_357 - Ammo for magnum revolver
  • ammo_mp5clip - Ammo for machine-pistol
  • ammo_mp5grenades - Rifle grenades
  • ammo_crossbow - Arrows for crossbow
  • ammo_rpgclip - Missiles for SAM system
  • ammo_buckshot - Shotgun ammo
  • ammo_gaussclip - Batteries for electric guns 


  • item_antidote - Antidote
  • item_battery - Battery for suit
  • item_suit - HEV Suit
  • item_security - Guard card (useless)
  • item_longjump - Device for long jumping
  • item_healthkit - First aid kit (might not work on maps without it)
  • item_sodacan - Can with soda (might not work on maps without it)