There are different bugs and tricks of game found and shown. It numbered in reviews and you can easily find additional information in section "BUGS GRID" here. 
Full descriptions and executions of found bugs or tricks are in 
this section


Most of bugs and secrets in game. Bugs with smoke grenade, perpetual motion machine, break the doors on Nuke, funs with bomb, matrix jump and other.
Part 1. Bugs in series:  #1-15


This video contains all basic jump tricks working on all servers (10aa+). Jump bug, edge bug,  fast run tricks, bunny hop, basic types of jumps - differences and features.
Part 2: #16-37


Detailed analysis of complicated bugs and jump tricks. Video contains by-keys all process of preparation and execution any jump, difficult sprint or bug. Also here are tricks for servers with increased air acceleration (100aa)


Here are 20 bugs and secrets in CS 1.6 more. Including several bugs which can lead you to ban. How to see through smoke or even wall, malicious texture bugs, fun with Nuke doors.

Ruses and tips

Useful Ruses, tricks and tips. This video tells about details of game which makes your game better.

Secrets of damage

All details of damage dependences and how to get delusional figures.

How to use console

CS GO, Source, 1.6 Console. This video shows all details and abilities about using of console in Valve's games. Base information, forbidden signs, binds, aliases, introduction to building of scripts, configs, key's designations.

Weapon flaws

Weapon details which ordinary players and even game developers does not know or think about

Dust2 maps differences

more than 20 differences in wallbangs, textures, bugs and geometry which you probably don't know.


 Best frags cuts on different servers from such weapons as: M4, AK, AWP, G3, also pistols


Frag clips from mixes on Fastcup or Fragarena servers 3 and 4 kills series for round. 


Frag clips from mixes on Fastcup or Fragarena servers. 5 kills series (Aces)

Best frags on publics #1

Frag clips from playing on different public servers. Part 1: best frag series with 3,4,5,6 and 7 kills for round.


Frag clips from playing on different public servers. Part 2: Best frag series with 7,8,9 and even 10 kills for round. 


Playing record of survive. Imitation of Gungame mode with easy bots. 1 vs 10, using only one weapon in each round and all terrorist's weapons for 18 rounds. There is only one life here. But bots can take any gun. 


Game has a lot of walls which allow to shoot through it from certain weapons. This section contains all details of wallbangs, also positions, shot points and descriptions.


Those who want to start use wallbangs and even professionals will find something new in this video. Want to know absolutely all about wallbangs? Come here!


Basic wallbangs on maps de_dust2 and de_dust2x2. There are shown and described positions and shot points also things which you should take to account if you want to remember it. 

Wallbangs on INFERNO

Basic wallbangs on map de_inferno. There are shown and described positions and shot points also things which you should take to account if you want to remember it.

Wallbangs on Nuke

Basic wallbangs on map de_nuke. There are shown and described positions and shot points also things which you should take to account if you want to remember it.

Wallbangs on Train

Basic wallbangs on map de_train. There are shown and described positions and shot points also things which you should take to account if you want to remember it.

Wallbangs on Tuscan

Basic wallbangs on map de_tuscan. There are shown and described positions and shot points also things which you should take to account if you want to remember it. Also one bug shown


In this section you can quickly find needed bug or trick by shifting to relevant video at once. 
Bugs, tricks description


Text color: Black - fixed bug
             Purple - funny bug working on steam
Red - bug giving serious advantage, working on steam


Matrix jump #21. Bugs & secrets 1, Big analysis
Climbing. #47. Bugs & secrets 3
Surfing #4. Bugs & secrets 1
Closing door from other side #5. Bugs & secrets 1
Object boost #6. Bugs & secrets 1, Big analysis
4x fire glock #7. Bugs & secrets 1, Big analysis
Ignore wall. #44. Wallbangs secrets, Bugs & secrets 3
Fake shot. #45.
Bugs & secrets 3
Player flashed beyond wall. #46.
Bugs & secrets 3
Better vision through smoke. #53.
Bugs & secrets 3
Look through smoke due to partner. #54.
Bugs & secrets 3
Double shot AWP. #55.
Bugs & secrets 3
Strange sound of shotgun. #56.
Bugs & secrets 3
Clinging corpse. #62. 
Bugs & secrets 3


Bomb falls down into box #1. Bugs & secrets 1
Soundless plant #15. Bugs & secrets 1
Defusing by walking #24. Bugs & secrets 1
Soundless defusing #16. Bugs & secrets 1


Smoke stuck and flied away #11. Bugs & secrets 1
Smoke stuck for the ages #12. Bugs & secrets 1
Perpetual motion machine #17. Bugs & secrets 1
Spectacular throwing smoke to respawn #18. Bugs & secrets 1


Flash bug inferno #14. Bugs & secrets 1


Gap on Inferno
#13. Bugs & secrets 1
See through wall, Dust2 T #19. Bugs & secrets 1
See through wall, Dust2 Box #20. Bugs & secrets 1
Breaking doors, Nuke #22. Bugs & secrets 1
Door breaking us, Nuke. #61. Bugs & secrets 3
Door blocking, Nuke. #63. Bugs & secrets 3
Push player to ceiling, Dust #8. Bugs & secrets 1
Push player to ceiling, booth Nuke #9. Bugs & secrets 1
Push player to ceiling, roof Nuke #10. Bugs & secrets 1
Push player out the textures, Dust2x2. #57. Bugs & secrets 3
Climbing out the textures, Dust2x2. #58. Bugs & secrets 3
Shells are louder than shots. #59. Bugs & secrets 3
Muted scout. #60. Bugs & secrets 3


Clicking and stats. #48. Bugs & secrets 3
Player's belonging. #49. Bugs & secrets 3
Scope goes away. #50. Bugs & secrets 3
Black shadows. #51. Bugs & secrets 3
Buymenu stolen. #52. Bugs & secrets 3



Prestrafe. Big analysis
Strafe. Big analysis
Double duck (DD) #36. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Silent run (SR) #37. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Acceleration on ladder  #2. Bugs & secrets 1


Fast run (FR) #29. Bugs & secrets 2
Wall rub (WR) #30. Bugs & secrets 2
Double duck run (DDR) #38. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Stand-up ground strafe (SGS), for servers 100aa, Big analysis


Falling to corner #3. Bugs & secrets 1
Edge bug (EB) #27. Bugs & secrets 2
Jump bug  (JB) #26. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis


Bunny hop (BHop) #25. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Strafe jump (SJ) #31. Bugs & secrets 2
Long jump (LJ) #32. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
High jump (HJ) #33. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Weird jump (WJ) #35. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Bunny hop jump (BHJ) #34. Bugs & secrets 2
Ladder jump (LadJ) #43. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Duck jump (DJ) #40. Bugs & secrets 2
Strafe duck jump (SDJ) #41. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Stand-up bunny hop (SBH) #42. Bugs & secrets 2
Count jump (CJ) #39. Bugs & secrets 2, Big analysis
Stand-up count jump  (SCJ), for servers 100аа, Big analysis


Hide by ledges #23. Bugs & secrets 1
Run with scout #28. Bugs & secrets 2
Drop farther. Ruses & tips
Jumps in windows. Ruses & tips

Knife near wall. Ruses & tips
Hiding guns. 
Ruses & tips
Braking by slope. 
Ruses & tips
Close door behind, nuke. 
Ruses & tips
Edge run. 
Ruses & tips
Open/close door by guns. 
Ruses & tips
Ruses & tips
Hiding beyond grids. 
Ruses & tips
Feature of double pistols. 
Ruses & tips
Hide head by wall. 
Ruses & tips
Hide head by pistol. 
Ruses & tips
Turning while reloading. 
Ruses & tips
Ruses & tips
Invisible in smoke. 
Ruses & tips

DeSCRIptions of bugs and tricks in COunteR-Strike 1.6

Most of these bugs related with engine working. Game is a mod to Half-life, so all these bugs working there too. 
#1. Bomb falls down into box. This bug is working if you plant bomb on player. In so doing, model of bomb can move through player's model. Green boxes on plant A are models too. One of these boxes leaned so if the player sit on it then one his leg appears inside the box. While falling in player's model, bomb can leave this model inside the model of box, further it will fall through box. 
#2. Acceleration on ladder. Game engine defines move speed to each move-key separately. If you press two keys (not beyond each other) then while directing view to middle of two directions which relevant each move key you will get overlap of velocities ladder moving. 
#3. Falling to corner. If while player's flying two walls located by acute angle block him then player stops to fall. This can be used for saving health while falling from big height. 
#4. Surfing. Player can climb to even steep slope. But, in so doing, speed of climbing depends on angle and moving direction. If you on middle of slope changes moving direction by mouse then you slides to side with good acceleration while gradually loosing height. 
#5. Close door from other side. While hitting door one more time we closes it, but it's possible from any side, even by hitting an edge of door. 
#6. OB. Object boost. At the time of pressing "use" on any movable object, game stops player and prevent increasing his speed. But at the little moment while pressing use with moving, object get huge acceleration and briefly make link with player. If you catch the moment when object has already got big speed but link has not broken yet, and release "use" then player quickly move to same direction as object. 
#7. 4x fire glock. During shooting in single-mode we can press right mouse key with not releasing left one. In so doing shooting mode will be changed. In 3x-fire mode pistol can shoot continuously with pressed left mouse key. So if during pressed LMK it immediately make shot and it looks like 4x fire. 
#8. Push player to ceiling, Dust. While sitting player's model is unstable. So if you climb onto sitting player then you get some little buzzing. If these two players locate in place with low thin ceiling and starts to repeatedly jump then at the moment when upper player jump off from lower one in top point, for a little time model of upper player appears in texture too deeply. After that game consider that player locates over texture and immediately move him to valid location.
#9. Push player to ceiling, booth Nuke. Similar to #8
#10. Push player to ceiling, roof Nuke. Similar to #8
#11. Smoke stuck and flied away. Grenades while hitting a slope uses to stick on it for a long time. HE and flash grenades explodes after several seconds at any case but smoke grenade explodes only after coming to stable position. Therefore, stuck grenade locates on texture for a long time and then texture strongly push it out.
#12. Smoke stuck. Based on #11. In the case that leaned texture locates near other vertical surface, texture can not push grenade. Consequently, it stays there for all round. 
#13. Gap on Inferno. To prevent overlap of textures, developers often set pixel between box and floor. In this case you can see and use it. 
#14. FB. Flash bug. Based on #13. If flash grenade get stuck in this gap then it explodes in texture in fact. So texture now can blind, i.e. box. In so doing you does not hear any sound.
#15. Soundless plant. Source of sound in bomb locates in not the middle of model but in corner. If we plant the bomb the way that this corner will appear in texture, then it will stop to make sound. That is not working on green boxes because it's models on this map. 
#16. Soundless defusing. In the game engine doesn't allow to play some sounds simultaneously. Such as sounds of flashlight, knife blow, optics, defusing. So after actuating one sound if we immediately actuate other one, so first will be stopped. If you make it enough quickly, enemy will not hear defusing sound. 
#17. Perpetual motion machine. Similar to #11.
#18. Spectacular throwing smoke to respawn. Similar to #11
#19. See through wall Dust2 T. Some textures which crossing with small angle each other, allows player's view to little move into the texture. That's allow to see a little through the texture. For this you need to snuggle to this crossing and move the view to the way that it will appear on the edge of screen and crossing line should be exactly vertical on screen.
#20. See through wall Dust2 box. Similar to #19.
#21. Matrix jump. Any animation which actuating in beginning or during jump, staying to the end of jump. You see, let's name it, zero animation. It occurs if game tries to execute animation which is not provided. Such moment occurs if we switch weapon while reloading. On ground this is happens so quick that we not notice it. But using the sticky animation effect, we can see it for all time of jump. Best working if switch to the bomb. 
#22. breaking doors, Nuke. For some reason developers made separately glasses and doors models. Additionally, they added same scripts separately to glasses and doors. It works by both same triggers. At the time of opening the triggers moves too. If, while this moving, you by sitting will jump to edge of this door then there is a chance that only one trigger will work. This means that glass will separate from door and now it will move without dependence from each other. 
#23. Hide by ledges. Sitting model of player, with grenade and certain angle to wall, is considerably shifts to wall. So it's invisible behind ledge. But using of nonstandard models is cause of useless of this trick. 
#24. Defusing by walking. After actuating optics, player get new params of speed of walking, running or crawling. When player defuses bomb, game set to him zero params of speed, but developers did not take account that actuating optics set new params even while defusing. 
Strafe.  - Simultaneously pressing side move key and moving mouse to same side in the air. It allows to increase horizontal speed almost limitless. more speed of mouse moving (by certain limit) - more acceleration. 
Pre. Prestrafe - Strafing with pressed forward key on ground. By using prestrafe we can increase horizontal speed on ground to 277 unit/sec.
#25. BHop. Bunny hop. Based on Strafe. At the time of landing game pulls over player in order for not be able to quick continuously jumping. But if you jump off at the moment of landing at once, you don't lose speed, mouse wheel allows to jump off immediately because it gives big amount of jump commands for little time. Also script with several jump commands can help you in this case, for example to RMB: bind mouse2 ";+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump". By good strafes you can offset small mistakes of landing and even move faster than usual running. You should take into account that second and further jumps have some smaller height than first, so, time for strafes is smaller too. Also if you increased speed more than 300 units/sec, game, in any case, pulls over player to about 250 unit/sec and lower.  
#26. JB. Jump bug. Sitting model of player has smaller height. after releasing "duck" model immediately lines up. If at this moment you jump from ground then game can miss the moment of landing and health will not decreased. This point in time is so small that probability of executing bug is extremely low. Also it decreases by height. 
#27. EB. Edge bug. At the time of landing player can loose speed by edge of any horizontal texture. If player immediately will continue the flight then game may not react to landing and not decrease health. 
#28. Run with scout. Added feature from developers. Running with scout increases speed on 10 unit/sec. 
#29. FR. Fastrun. Based on Pre. Using short-term prestrafe elements many times, we can increase average speed of running on 10 units/sec. 
#30. WR. Wall rub. Based on Pre. If we snuggling and running along the wall, with certain angle to wall, speed can reach max of prestrafe. 
#31. SJ. Strafe jump. Based on Strafe, Pre. Using prestrafe and one strafe you can hug impediments while jumping, by pre speed and acceleration by strafe. 
#32. LJ. Long jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #31. Making at least two strafes you can line up the trajectory of jump and increase jump speed. So this way you increases length of jump. More strafes, closer to ideal trajectory and longer jump. 
#33. HJ. High jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #32. Same long jump but on height. If player run on edge of flat, located on good height, game pull over player, and make jump ineffective. But if you jumps about 10 units in advance, that will be normal.
#34. BHJ. Bunny hop jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #25, #32. Combination of Bhop and LJ
#35. WJ. Weird jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #25, #32. Using short-term falling for increasing speed before jump, we get best alternate of prestrafe with pre speed right up to 299. Also jump has normal height unlike bhop so length will be much more. 
#36. DD. Double duck. After short-term sitting model of player jumps. If, in so doing, press duck one time more, then you can jump on low object almost without loosing of speed.
#37. SR. Silent run. Based on #36. At the time of Double duck if we don't release second duck, then we have significant time to landing. If you continuously making it then sound of run becomes much quieter.
#38. DDR. Double duck run. Based on Strafe, #36. At the time of DD jump we have little time to use strafes. Extremely difficult trick, difficulty of it means that exact guessing of moments of landing after each DD. Increasing of speed take much time but only one landing mistake can eat almost all your speed. Using this trick you can run much faster than usual running. Also game don't limit speed after 300 u/s while landing as in BHop. 
SGS. Stand-up ground strafe. Based on Strafe, #36, #37, #38. Trick like DDR, but after each DD pressing duck (on keyboard) one more like in Silent run. Increased time terms before landing, unlike DDR, allows to make more strafes. Servers with increased air acceleration (100aa) allow to make it effectively.  
#39. CJ. Count jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #31, #32, #36, #38. Using one ore more DDR tricks as a prestrafe, we can jump much farther than in any other kind of jump. 
SCJ. Stand-up count jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #31, #32, #36, #37, #38, SGS. Difference of this CJ is using SGS trick instead DDR. 
#40. DJ. Duck jump. Jump with sitting at one time. Due to lower model of player in sitting state, you can jump in places with low ceiling. 
#41. SDJ. Strafe duck jump. Based on Strafe, Pre, #31, #40. Simple combination of Strafe jump and Duck jump.
#42. SBH. Stand-up bunny hop. Based on Strafe, #25, #26. Using fast jumping off at the time of releasing duck, you may not loose speed after jumping on high object and continue bhop in stand state.
#43. LadJ. Ladder jump. Based on Strafe, #2, #31, #32. Using increase of big speed while ladder climbing, you can take off over ladder for good height or direct speed to side and jump with strafes far from ladder.
#44. Ignore wall. Player's model is considered as wall which can be pierced with certain damage coefficient. If player is snuggling with wall, then game considers it as one wall with priority coef for player's model. Therefore, while hitting, only into player damage is counting. Also bullet will continue to fly further. But it doesn't work on walls which can not be pierced by your weapon. 

#45. Fake shot. All problem is in delay of information incoming to server. Animation and sound counts on client side immediately. But fact of shot can be counted only by server. 
#46. Player flashed beyond wall. Water in game is a texture like other, but allows to infiltrate into it. While appearing on border of textures, game will recount viewing of all models on map for this texture (water). And it's one moment, when moving up from water, displays walls and models simultaneously. But if models will appear at least for one frame before walls, we can notice it. 
#47. Climbing. Based on #4. Game allows player to climb on steep slopes. Speed of climbing depends on steep angle. But it's easier for game to push player to side as in surfing bug, so you should to take control of direction. Executing by move key directing straight to slope in stand state. 
#48. Clicking and stats. While fast-forwarding demo, it loads all moments of switching guns and calling stats up to this moment. 
#49. Player's belonging. While fast-forwarding and then rewinding, belonging of player will conform to moment before rewind. It's no matter where are these players existing after it. 
#50. Scope goes away. Similar to #49.
#51. Black shadows. While loading demo, sometimes, some sprites (images) which has transparent areas, loads with black areas. Shadow is a sprite too. This bug is random. Reloading demo usually doesn't change anything. 
#52. Buymeny stolen. While actuating recording of POV demo, screen shifts to other mode and reload all HUDs for its recording. This is happening quickly, and we can notice it, for example, due to displaying money. It has animation of refreshing while changing of number. But it's no any changing in this case. Developers just didn't make similar script for buymenu.
#53. Better vision through smoke. Features of engine in smoke displaying. Game does not count the smoke out of the screen in order for not loading videocard by extra processes. But smoke has a feature to change transparency on border gradually. So we can see weaker smoke on its edges, especially on upper right corner of screen. 
#54. Look through smoke due to partner. Sprites (Images) in game often has transparent areas. Radio sign is one of it and game doesn't count a smoke beyond the sprites, regardless transparency. 
#55. Double shot AWP. Viewing shot can be double at the moment of fast zooming into cases of shot without scope and within. But in any case, only one bullet can exist. 
#56. Strange sound of shotgun. The problem is in script which reload the shotguns by one bullet. When clicking mouse button while without bullets, game creates a clicking sound and does not call starting of reloading if no ammo in supply. But in case of shotguns, game makes it always. If you hold mouse button without ammo, script actuates and resets continuously and very quickly. In turn, after every reseting, game makes clicking sound. 
#57. Push the player out the textures, Dust2x2. Based on #8. While presenting out the textures we can observe the enemy in some places and shoot him by wallbangs. In so doing, he will never see you. 
#58. Climbing out the textures, Dust2x2. Based on #57. Developers left an ability to climb ceiling without textures.  
#59. Shells are louder than shots. Developers attributed wrong parameters for different sounds.
#60. Muted scout. Maybe it was made specially , in order for increasing of effeciency of inefficient weapon. 
#61. Door is breaking us, Nuke. Based on #22. Player, while preventing opening door and pushing it back, can provoke getting stuck in door texture. In this case, door quickly moves to close state and gets stuck too. 
#62. Clinging corpse. When player die, camera directs to murderer. But sometimes, if the victim is quickly pressing LMB, then his camera cling to murderer. In this case, murderer will see a clinging corpse. 
#63. Door blocking, Nuke. Based on Strafe, Pre, #31. Executing quite efficient strafe jump at the time of closing door, we can jump on upper section of any door. For this, you need to jump from threshold of doors. In so doing, door is blocked, but if you will continue to press move keys, second door can open. 



(instead # should be number, and instead <...> - relevant name of object)

  • hud_fastswitch 1 - while weapon choosing, it will be switched at once, without mouse
  • cl_righthand 1 - weapon on right hand 
  • cl_dynamiccrosshair 0 - immovable crosshair
  •  cl_updaterate 101 - Rate of taking info-packages. If you have slow internet, should set 20-30. If fast, then better 101.
  • cl_cmdrate 101 -  Rate of sending info-packages. If you have slow internet, should set 20-30. If fast, then better 101.
  • rate 30000 - needed for preventing lags
  • cl_weather #  - weather on maps. (0,1,2). Preferably 0 for FPS increasing. 
  • fps_max # - Maximum FPS value.  NonSteam version has max value 101, but Steam has no limit, you can set 400, 500 and more
  •  fps_override 1 - Only for Steam clients. Allows to use FPS over 101. 
  • force_centerviewonly for Steam clients. Set the crosshair straight on head's height
  • net_graph # - Display useful net information in right lower corner of screen. (0,1,2)
  • quit - quit game. I guess most popular command. 
  • bind <key> <command> - Binding command to key (for example bind "f" "impulse 100" that means turning on the flashlight on F key)
  • alias <new command> <sequence> - Creating new console command which includes sequence of standard commands through ";"(example - alias "blabla" "awp;deagle;primammo;secammo" - which means creating one command for buying AWP, Deagle and ammo for both. Further you should bind it to key as in previous string). 
  • ex_interp # command is responsible for interpolation players positions. (0-0.1)
  • sys_ticrate # set system speed of sending packages (100)
  •  nosound # - Turns on(0) or off (1) sound
  •  speak <word> - If you type some words, then you'll hear it. For example - speak mesa.
  •  stopsound - Stopping playing current sound 
  •  ambient_fade 100 - Set distance of sounds which are included on map 
  •  ambient_level # - Set volume for these sounds (above) 
  •  m_filter # - Allows to actuate (1) smoothing of mouse move
  •  m_pitch # - Set sensitivity coef of mouse while moving up/down (0.022)
  •  m_side # - Set speed of mouse strafe (For example in case of turned on +strafe) (0.08)
  •  m_yaw # - Set sensitivity coef of mouse while moving right/left (0.022)
  •  m_rawinput # - Only for Steam clients. Set direct link (1) between mouse and game, without OS. Minimize the delay between mouse movement and ingame movement.
  •  sensitivity # - base sensitivity of mouse 
  •  zoom_sensitivity_ratio # - Sensitivity of mouse while zooming 
  •  adjust_crosshair "# # #" - change crosshair color. Intensity of lights - Red, Green, Blue through spaces (0-255). Any other color is mix of them.
  •  bottomcolor # - Set "lower" color of player's model (6)
  •  drawradar - display a radar
  •  hideradar - hide a radar 
  •  hud_centerid # - displays player's name in center(1) or lower side(0) 
  •  hud_saytext_time # - set time (seconds) which is responsible for staying messages. (15)
  •  net_graph #  - displays FPS and other parameters (1), but if "3" then shows info without graph 
  •  r_decals # - Maximum number of decals, which are visible on map (250). On weak computers better lower setting 
  •  r_drawviewmodel # - displays(1) or not(0) weapon model 
  •  sizedown - sets lower resolution
  •  sizeup - sets upper resolution
  •  topcolor # - sets upper color for player's model (30)
  •  toggleconsole - console appears or hides if repeating 
  •  gl_picmip # - Texture detailing (0-3) 
  •  gl_texturemode # - texture quality 
  •  gamma # - gamma value 
  •  lightgammа # - gamma of lighting  
  •  brightness # - brightness value 
  •  gl_monolights # - If 1 value then map becomes bright anywhere. (blocked)
  •  r_drawentities # - If 0 then no objects (entities) visible, just like players
  •  r_dynamic # - Dynamic lighting
  •  r_shadows # - shadows of objects
  •  fastsprites # - Smoke quality 
  •  max_shells # - Maximum number of shells. On weak computers better lower setting
  •  max_smokepuffs # - Maximum number of visible smoke effects while shooting. On weak computers better lower setting.
  •  allowupload # - Forbid uploading decals and models on server (0) 
  •  cmdlist - shows list of all commands. If you type 'cmdlist a', then it will show all commands starting from 'a' letter, also if 'cmdlist log logfile' then it will write commands to logfile
  •  cvarlist - same above, but for variable commands
  •  connect <IP> - connect to server with IP 
  •  developer # - If 1 value then it shows additional information in console.
  •  disconnect - disconnecting from server 
  •  echo <message> - displaying text in console
  •  exec <file> - executing script file
  •  fullinfo - displays info about player 
  •  fullserverinfo - displays info about server
  •  getsv - displays IPs of servers and total number of servers 
  •  hideconsole - close the console
  •  pingsv - pinging server 
  •  reconnect - reconnecting to current server
  •  retry - four tries to connect last server 
  •  serverinfo - displays info about server 


  •  mp_autoteambalance # - Turn on(1) / off(0) balance in teams
  •  mp_c4timer # - Number of seconds, which taking for explosion after planting (35) 
  •  mp_fadetoblack # - If "1" value, then screen becomes black after death. 
  •  mp_flashlight # - On(1) / Off(0) ability to use flashlight
  •  mp_footsteps # - On(1) / Off(0) steps in game
  • mp_forcechasecam # - "Free camera"(0) / ability to look players only your team(1) / "lying state"(2) 
  •  mp_timelimit # - Time, after that map will be changed. If 0 then turns off
  •  mp_roundtime # - Time of one round (minutes)
  •  mp_freezetime # - Time for buying (seconds) 
  •  mp_limitteams # - Amount of players more in one team for tossing player to another team.  (0 - off)
  •  mp_friendlyfire # - Ability to attack friends(1),  inability(0) 
  •  mp_hostagepenalty # - Number of hostages needed to kill, after that player will be kicked from server. 
  •  mp_mapvoteratio # - ratio of players which voting for changing map (0,1 - 1) 
  •  mp_startmoney # - Sets money in first round (800-16000) 
  •  mp_tkpunish # - Value is responsible for killing teamkillers on next round, On(1) ,Off(0) 
  • hostname <name> - name of host server
  •  sv_restartround # - Seconds to next restart round
  •  sv_cheats # - sets a cheat mode - On(1) , off (0)
  •  sv_password <pass> - Pasword for connecting to server. 
  •  sv_maxspeed # - Speed of moving (270) 
  •  sv_gravity # - Gravitation (default 800) 
  •  kick <nick> - Kick player from server (should type nick of player) 
  •  сhangelevel <mapname> - changing map, all players will stay (should type map name) 
  •  map <mapname> - changing map, all players will be kicked 
  •  rcon_password <pass> - Password for far managing of server. Typing on server. Also typing on client before commands (Command for example: rcon map de_dust )  
  • pausable # - Turns on (1) allows to switch pauses on server


  •  appenddemo - Record demo and appending to demo.dem 
  •  listdemo - Shows information about demo 
  •  playdemo <name>- Plays demo on normal speed 
  •  playvol # - Sound volume while playing demo (0-9)
  •  record <name> - Record demo to name.dem
  •  setdemoinfo <info> - Add information to demo
  •  startdemos <demo1, demo2, ...> - Starts to play demos in sequence according to typing as params. after ending of last demo it will repeat from first demo. 
  •  stop - Stops recording demo 
  •  stopdemo - stops playing demo 
  •  swapdemo - change segment's positions in demo 
  •  timedemo <name> - Plays demo with maximum FPS and shows average FPS.